Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s beaches are as much a part of the city as its streets, art galleries, boutiques and museums. Animated all year round, the beaches actually set the tone for the entire city.

The Mandarin Beach

Hatzuk BeachKnown among the locals as Hof Hatzuk, this is one of the most exclusive beaches in Tel Aviv, especially since it is also the only one charging an entry fee for all those who are not permanent residents of the city during the summer season (April to October). Located in the northern edge of Tel Aviv’s shore, it practically stands on the border between Tel Aviv and Hertzelya.

On the beach you can find a nice cafe (MeEver Laktaze – Over the Edge in direct translation), where you can enjoy an Israeli breakfast your toes in the sand. There is also a concrete patio above the beach if you don’t like getting your feet dirty. Clean and equipped with showering facilities, the Mandarin Beach is perfect for families with kids. However, it might not be the coolest and trendiest beach in Tel Aviv, mainly because of the entry fee.

Mezizim Beach

Mezizim BeachNamed after an Israeli cult comedy film dating from the 1970s, this is one of trendiest and most popular beaches in Tel Aviv.

Located in the Northern edge of the promenade, it is close to the port and hidden away from the walking path.

Because of its proximity to the Namal, it has a great late-night atmosphere as well and it’s a great place for people watching, but also for spending a family day out on the sea shore.


Jerusalem Beach

Jerusalem BeachYou will find this lovely beach in the Opera House area, towards the southern end of the Tel Aviv hotels strip. Jerusalem Beach is a lively place all year round, being very popular with the local youth as well as with those who are into kite-surfing as there is a special spot for this.

If you are planning to take the kids to the beach, this is a great choice as you will find here all the facilities you need: toilets and shower, tennis and volleyball courts as well as some nice cafes and restaurants.

There are also some shade areas for those who cannot stay too much in the sun.



Hilton Beach

Hilton BeachA local hangout with the local celebrities, Hilton Beach is probably the best known beach of Tel Aviv. The restaurant you will find here also acts as a surfing station.

A pro tip: come one evening to watch the sunset from Hilton Beach. It’s well worth the while.





Gordon Beach

Gordon BeachThis is another favourite with the locals and one of Tel Aviv’s busiest beaches, located right in front of the Sheraton Hotel. It takes its name from the famous Gordon pool located right there.

Gordon Beach is a great spot if you want to exercise outdoors as you will find some workout equipment right on the beach.

This strip of sand standing next to the Tel Aviv Marina is a magnet for beach tennis players, so if you want to spend a quiet day at the beach, you might want to look for a different spot towards the south or the north of the shoreline.

Bugrashov Beach

Bugrashov BeachAnother good choice for tourists, but also popular with the locals, the Bugrashov Beach is located in the centre of the Tel Aviv promenade.

Therefore, you will find here plenty of dining options as well as shopping opportunities in the nearby.

Quieter than the nearby Gordon and Hilton Beach, this is the perfect spot to enjoy some relaxing sunbathing while in Tel Aviv.



Nordau – the Religious Beach

In the close proximity of the trendy and cool Hilton Beach, you will find Nordau – Tel Aviv’s religious beach. Here specific rules apply, except for Saturdays when religious people cannot go to the beach and this strip of sand is accessible to all. This beach is bordered by walls and is populated by women on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, while Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays it is a men only beach.

Alma Beach

Located in the southern part of the city, on the border with Jaffa, Alma Beach has a relaxed vibe and is a lot less crowded than the more northern beaches of Tel Aviv. From here you can get great panoramic views over Tel Aviv’s shoreline with its beautiful promenade as well as towards the old city of Jaffa. Be aware, though: there is no lifeguard on this beach!

Banana Beach

Taking its name after the beachfront café located there, Banana Beach is another great spot for sunbathing or simply sipping a drink with sea view.