Best Restaurants in Prague

Visiting Prague and looking for a fine dining experience? Besides being one of the most beautiful city break destinations, Prague is also home to a number of top class eateries. Here are the best restaurants you can enjoy in the Czech capital city:

The Alcron Prague

Address: Stepanska 40

The Alcron Prague Reviews

An award winning dining place, The Alcron is for sure one of the best restaurants in Prague and one of the two Michelin Star restaurants the Czech capital city has. Ever since it opened its gates back in 1932, and especially after its renovation in the year 200, The Alcron struggled to maintain its high standards both in point of service and quality of dishes.

The Alcron invites all those looking for a fine dining restaurant in Prague, offering them an intimate candlelit atmosphere, an exquisitely decorated interior with wall posters signed by Tamara de Lempicka and a fireplace dating back to the 1830s. A rather small restaurant, but certainly one of the best places to eat in Prague, The Alcron can seat as many as 24 guests and treat them to delicate dishes concocted by the talented local Chef Roman Paulus.

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Bellevue Restaurant

Address: Smetanovo nábř. 18

Bellevue Restaurant Prague Reviews

One of the best fine dining restaurants in Prague serving international cuisine dishes in an elegant hall decorated by the exquisite hands of the local designers Rony Plesl and Bara Hamplová, Bellevue is also a restaurant with a view. Located on the banks on Vltava River, it offers its visitors great panorama over the river Vltava itself, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. The famous local chef Petr Bures maters the art of mixing ingredients of different origins, bringing the flavours of Italy, France and Far East into the Czech capital city.

Bellevue restaurant Prague is known among the locals for its delicious desserts as well as for its extensive collection of fine wines. The only element that might distract you from the dishes is the restaurant’s stylish design with high vaulted ceilings and modernistic glass decorations. One of the top restaurants in Prague, Bellevue has already made some ink flow on positive reviews from all around the world.

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Augustine Prague

Address: Letenská 12/33

Augustine Restaurant Reviews

A fine dining restaurant in Prague serving European cuisine dishes signed by the chef Robert Loos, who learned how to cook from Michelin starred chefs Gordon Ramsey and David Thompson, Augustine Prague is a welcoming place located in the heart of the city.

Whether you want to taste some European dishes or traditional Czech food, you will certainly appreciate the chef’s reconceptualization and the stylish interior décor. If you are a vistas lover, you should know that the view you get from the windows is another experience you get while dining at Augustine.

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Kampa Park Restaurant

SAM_1251Address:Na Kampe 8B

Kampa Park Restaurant Reviews

Kampa Park Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Prague, and its fame has certainly traveled beyond the city’s borders since along the year this eatery was visited by a series of Hollywood stars, top politicians and music idols like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mick Jagger, Bill Clinton, Bruce Springsteen and Johnny Depp.

A menu filled with delicious dishes belonging to the international cuisine, a relaxed and romantic atmosphere, the place’s great interior décor and excellent service – this is what makes Kampa Park one of the top restaurants in Prague.

Benefitting from a great location and offering jaw dropping views over Charles Bridge, Kampa Park Restaurant invites you to taste delicious fish and seafood dishes and good wines from a very generous menu. The romanticism of the pace is enhanced by the fireplace decorated room. For an even better experience, visit the Kampa Park winter garden.

Mlynec Restaurant Prague

MlynecAddress:Novotneho lavka 9

Mlynec Restaurant Prague Reviews

A fine dining restaurants in Prague, Mlýnec is located in the heart of the city, on the bank of Vltava River, offering great views over Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

The chef Marek Purkart takes pleasure in reinventing traditional Czech cuisine dishes and surprises its guests with new flavors.

Mlynec Restaurant Prague has a remarkable collection of wines of Czech, French, Italian and Spanish origin.

Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise

Degustation Boheme BourgeoiseAddress: Hastalska 18

Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise Reviews

The Michelin-starred chefs of La Degustation Boheme have a particular vision on food. Their thought-provoking dishes are meant to appeal to your the senses.

“The first mouthful awakens your curiosity, the second demands your focused attention and the final bites enflame emotions, the feeling of an unsated appetite, and the desire for the next dish.”

The restaurant has a very elegant interior and an open kitchen so guests can see the chefs at work. It may not be the cheapest restaurant in Prague, but fine dining amateurs will agree it offers top quality food and innovative dishes.

Those who choose to dine at La Degustation Boheme can go for the classic menu, but guests can also choose between two tasting menus that are refreshed every day. The classic menu is called Degustation Boheme Burgeoise and consists of traditional dishes based on recipes from the 1894 book by Marie B. Svobodové, using only domestic Czech products. The other tasting menus called Chef de Degustation consist of a mix of international cuisine dishes, predominantly with a French influence.

La Finestra

Address: Platnerska 13

La Finestra Reviews

Another open-kitchen restaurant, La La Finestra is the place to go if you want to admire the local Chef Tomáš Černý in the process of preparing some of the most delicious Italian dishes in Prague.

As you have already guessed by the name, the restaurant has an Italian specific and an up-tight etiquette. Food is to die for, and the wine list is rather comprehensive, with very attractive prices. Ordering a dessert is a must here as they are real culinary wonders.

If you want to visit the place at noon time, you should know they have a business lunch menu  that changes everyday, and the prices are good.

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