Most Popular Day Trips from Barcelona

Barcelona is a fascinating city with a vibrant cultural life and dotted with interesting architectural gems. However, once you finished sightseeing the parts of the city you are interested in, there are many day trips you can take from Barcelona if you want to explore the nearby towns, the scenic Pyrenees Mountains, the charming medieval villages or the panoramic Costa Brava.

Girona Day Trip from Barcelona

GironaSituated about 100 km away from Barcelona, the city of Girona makes an interesting discovery. With an official history going back to the year 76 BC, city of Girona has a wealth of historical landmarks, dating from different periods. You will find here two well preserved sets of city walls, one dating from the 9th century (the Carolingian period, when Girona knew its time of glory), and another one built in medieval times (14th – 15th centuries). The old Jewish district with its 15th century synagogue is one of the best preserved in Europe, and the Mikwe (Jewish ritual purification baths) are the third largest in Europe.

In the upper part of the city, you will notice the Cathedral built between the 12th and 16th centuries. The cloister and the Tower of Charlemagne are the oldest elements, dating from the Romanesque period. The nave of the cathedral is widest in the world. Marking the junction between the Old Quarter or Barri Velli, La Rambla of Llibertat still retains some porches and palaces from medieval times. Another interesting landmark is Parque La Dehesa – a French-style garden famous for its unusually high banana trees (some reach 60 meters in height).

Girona is also home to six museums: the Historical Museum of Girona, the Museum of Jewish History, the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia, Girona Art Museum, the Treasury Museum of the Cathedral, and the Museum of Cinema.

Montserrat Day Trip from Barcelona

Montserrat day tripA symbol of the city and of Catalonia in general, Montserrat Mountain is one of the most interesting places you can visit on a day trip from Barcelona.

This natural park is home to one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Spain – the Royal Basilica of the Virgin of Montserrat (the patroness of Catalonia) as well as to the Benedictine monastery Santa Maria de Montserrat, founded in 1025.

Nearby you will also find the Montserrat Museum with its rich art collections.

Nature lovers can take several itineraries, visiting the park, and the monuments in the area, discovering some sacred spots of retreat and meditation like Sant Joan and Sant Onofre.


Sitges Day Trip from Barcelona

SitgesA charming coastal town renowned for its rich cultural heritage, Sitges is one of the most interesting places you can discover on a day trip from Barcelona.

Attracted by the town’s history, but the scenery as well as by the good weather all year round, many artists chose Sitges as their main residence in the late 19th century.

The town still preserves it bohemian atmosphere while providing a wide range of attractions for tourists. 17 beaches and 3 marinas (Port Ginesta, Garraf and Aiguadolç) stretch along its coastline.

The city’s nightlife is also an important attraction. The main avenue (Street Close Maig, also known as Calle del Pecado) is famous for the large number of restaurants, bars and nightclubs it is home to. There are also three museums you can visit in Sitges: Cau Ferrat Museum (housed by Santiago Rusiñol’s former home and studio), Maricel Museum, and the Romantic Museum (the Llopis family’s 19th century residence). The latter also displays an interesting collection of antique dolls.

Figueres Day Trip from Barcelona

FigueresLocated 136 km away from Barcelona, Figueres is one of the most important cities on Costa Brava.

With a history going back to Visigothic times, Figueres is home to interesting historical landmarks such as Castle of Sant Ferran, La Rambla, Plaza’s Hall, the modernist houses designed by the architect Josep Azemar i Pont or Joguet de Catalunya Museum.

However, the main reason for which tourists visit Figueres is Dalí Theatre-Museum.

The artist’s birthplace, Figueres houses a surreal museum that allows visitors to penetrate Dali’s world in his own way.



Three Countries in One Day from Barcelona

AndorraDoes touring three countries in one single day seem like an utopia? Well, it might look that way, but it certainly is not.

Leaving Barcelona early in the morning, you will be having a typically French croissant breakfast in the fortified town of Mont-Louis.

Next, you will be touring the Pyrenees and get to Andorra la Vella, where you will benefit from a duty free shopping experience.

Your adventure will not be complete without an active hike and Andorra is the perfect place for it.

Wine Tasting Day Trips from Barcelona

wine tastingThe Spanish wine is worldwide famous for its taste and quality. Be the host of one of the Spanish traditional wineries and taste their products!

You can combine this experience with a historical exploration of Barcelona’s neighboring areas.

In the 10th century castle Oller del Mas you will feel like descending in the past while sipping a glass of wine and enjoying the peaceful countryside scenery.

You want to play golf? There is such an option as well.

You want to visit 2 wineries in one day? You can do that too, and you will also visit the ancient Monastery of Scala Dei.


Pyrenees & Medieval Villages Day Trip from Barcelona

Pyrenees villageThis is a tour worth trying while in Barcelona. You will combine great mountain scenery with history exploration.

With history traces going back thousands of years, Catalonia is a fascinating region you will fully appreciate only after exploring it inch by inch.

Pick one of the tours and start this great adventure!