Fun Things to Do in Prague with Kids

Keeping kids entertained while travelling is always a lot more complicated and difficult that it sounds. Kids get tired faster than adults and their attention spans definitely leave something to be desired at the best of times. However, if you’re in the know, your family vacation can be entertaining, education, and kid friendly! Sure, you’re scoffing and saying, sure, because kids just love to look at historical buildings, right? Well, even kids can find pleasure in travel if you spend a little time catering to their sensibilities. Here are a few fun things to do with kids in Prague.

A Day of Museums

Lego Museum PragueMost big cities are full of museums and most kids tend to groan when you tell them that. Prague has plenty of totally kid-friendly museums that will actually make them sad to leave. Depending on what your children are interested in, you can hit up the Lego museum — great for boys girls and kids of all ages, let’s be honest — or even the Children’s Art museum. Even though it’s educational, a museum can still be one of the more fun things for kids to do in Prague, and at the very least, they’re a decent rest after a long walking tour.

For an extra special and always fun trip, Prague’s planetarium is an excellent destination for the roster and a definite must see for any space or science loving child. There’s also the technical museum for kids who like to get their hands dirty or learn about the inner workings of fun machines with moving parts. Admission for kids is usually free below a certain age and if that’s not the case, Prague has many museums that are completely free for a sort of non-committal visit. If they don’t like it, you can always move on to the next and get a bit of a walking tour in between.

An Escape Game

Sure, why not? Especially, when Prague offers a series of escape games with a high-tech twist. Make your pick, book your tickets and have fun!

TheRoom Escape Game Adventure in Prague

Play with a team of 2 to 5 or 4 to 10 people, with whom you will be locked in a mysterious room. Pay attention to the things surrounding you and try to break out of the room within 66 minutes.

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Door Z Team Escape Game in Prague

The goal is to escape the room in 60 minutes. State-of-the-art technology that will take you into a new world. The room design, ambient sound and the scenario creates a very special game experience.

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Real Life Escape Game in Prague

This rela life escape game takes place in an historical building that once was a print shop. The game’s scenario is partially based on historical facts of the 1970’s in Czechoslovakia. Fun is guaranteed!

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Time Machine Live Escape Game in Prague

The Time Machine room will provide you with the unique chance to travel through several periods of the Czech history with one special mission – to rescue your friends from the space and time.

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Children’s Island

View of Children island in pragueIf your children are the type who really don’t care where they are as long as they can run and play and be free, then Prague is the city to visit. It has a place literally called Children’s Island that isn’t too far off from the mainland and not too far from any of the more mature sights mom and dad might be looking forward to.

Children’s Island is equipped with open space, a playground, and even a restaurant to be a sort of one-stop shop for keeping the little ones busy.

You can plan a day out around the children or use it a reward for a good day of sight-seeing for the older kids who might just want to relax in the sunshine after a long day. At the very least, it’s a great alternative to the larger, more adult parks that parents might not want to visit due to them serving alcohol. The only caveat: no dogs allowed!

A Stroll Through the Gardens

Vrtba Garden in PragueIf your kids a bit older and looking to be mature along with you, you can head for the lush gardens and parks. Though they are for an older crowd, tweens and teens will love the grown-up, cultured attitude and will definitely be excited about spending time like an adult. They don’t have to participate in the wine tastings, but there are outdoor venues, lovely food, and exquisite views to be had and it can still be a fun thing for kids to do in Prague – especially if they’re precocious and looking to brag about having an enlightened experience.

Plant your family in a gazebo or go for a long walk and find all there is to discover, as many of the parks are filled with art and amazing landscaping that really needs to be seen to be appreciated. Even little kids love bright colours and they’ll have tons of fun looking at all the different plants!

Take in a Play

puppet show in praguePrague has a deep and rich culture and while it might be fun for the adults to take in a symphony or an opera, kids might get a little restless with all that adult stuff. (Even adults get a little bored of all that adult stuff!) But, if you’re still looking to see a show with your kids, don’t fret. Marionettes and puppet shows are a huge deal in Prague and you can almost always find one to watch.

Wonderfully animated, yet somehow exotic and cultural all at once, puppet shows transcend cultures to offer you and your family a wonderful afternoon show. However, Prague is a cosmopolitan city and the shows can be somewhat mature so adults should be cautioned to seek out age-appropriate shows. Depending on the age and maturity of your kiddies, be sure to choose the right venue to take in your show. Marionette Kingdom is among one of a few kid-friendly puppet theatres catering specifically to their wild and fanciful imaginations — and their attention spans.

A World of Water

Prague cruisesOne of the most amazing things about Prague is the water and most kids absolutely love the water. Forget being a fun things for kids to do in Prague, water is always a fun thing to do for anybody anywhere and luckily, there’s a myriad of ways to experience the water in Prague. Of course there are many boat tours, including Prague Boat Tours, which offers several different packages and boat options from small and intimate to large cruise ships.

However, if you’re not entirely sure if little Johnny will do so well on the open seas, you can experience Prague’s Sea World filled with tonnes of marine life as well as artwork from local artists. It features many different exhibits, some relaxing and some educational, including the cool and unique Space Lagoon, a clear freshwater pool featuring turtles, and even shark feedings. It’s a great day trip with all there is to sea and you can always end off your night by taking a wonderful cruise along the river and watching the sunset with your now, tuckered out toddlers. Bonus: Prague Sea World is free for kids under 1m tall (about 3’).

European trips can seem sort of stuffy sometimes and very much for adults, but they don’t have to be! After all, kids live in Europe too and they all seem to have a blast. There are plenty of fun things for kids to do in Prague and they’re all pretty fun for adults too! And if all else fails, there’s always a great shopping trip where you can find extraordinary fashion and furniture and even take home a marionette!
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