A Guide to Latvian Castles

One of the three European Baltic countries, Latvia has a strong national identity has a strong national identity that its inhabitants are proud to present to tourists coming here to discover its cultural traditions, to relive tumultuous history or simply to enter a dream world while visiting its numerous castles.

Bauska Castle

Reviews and Tours of Bauska Castle

Although located 67 km from the capital, Bauska region is one of the most frequented by tourists areas because of its palaces. Bauska Castle, built in 1443 is one of the last buildings of the Livonian Order.

After the Great Nordic War, the building was abandoned and only the exterior walls and one of the towers remained intact. Later on, four towers were rebuilt.

Surrounded by a beautiful English park, Mezotne Mansion, built in imperial style dates from 1802 and belonged to Princess Charlotte von Lieven.


Rundale Palace

Rundale Castle in LatviaReviews and Tours of Rundale Palace

Rundale Palace, an architectural and historic monument was designed and built under the strict supervision of a famous Italian architect, Bartolomeo Rastrelli Franchesco.

The cornerstone of the building which originally belonged to Ernst Johan Biron, Duke of Kurland was laid in 1736, but the construction was completed in 1740. The building has 138 rooms and is surrounded by an impressive baroque park.



Riga Castle

Riga Castle in LatviaReviews and Tours of Riga Castle

Situated on the River Daugava, Riga Castle, is today the home of the country’s president. Built in the 14th century, under the Litvonian Order, the building went through several phases of renovation, each adding something to its appearance.

One example is represented by the towers that have become round, in the 18th century, according to the style of this era.



Cesis Castle

Cesis CastleReviews and Tours of Cesis Castle

Built in the 13th century by the Livonian Order members (crusaders of German origin), Cesis Castle is one of the most impressive fortresses in Lithuania and in the entire Baltic region.

Visitors have the impression that they entered a fairy-tale world when walking along its garden’s narrow alleys, among flower beds or when resting on the lake’s shore. Nearby are the Museum of History and the oldest brewery in the country.



Turaida Castle

Turaida CastleReviews and Tours of Turaida Castle

A medieval building beautifully situated by the river Gauja, Turaida Castle was built in the 13th century by the archbishop of Riga, the site of a wooden castle.

One important fortress in the Middle Ages and rebuilt in the 20th century, the castle became an important tourist attraction because this building is part of the complex with the same name, which includes other buildings in the area such as the oldest wooden church and Dainu Kalns – a garden dedicated to Latvian folk music.