Off the Beaten Path Things to Do in Rome

One of the most beautiful places on Earth, Rome offers many things to do and see. Its must-see landmarks include the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and other still standing witnesses of Rome’s Imperial past. However, there are certain off the beaten path things that you ought to indulge in for sure if you want to add a unique glitter to your holiday in Rome.

Enjoy yourself with some Baroque music

Palazzo BarberiniHenry Wadsworth Longfellow once said that “music is the universal language of mankind”. It is the literature of the heart; it begins where speech ends.If you wish to enjoy true music that satisfies your heart and mind, make sure that you check out the fabulous Baroque concert included in an exciting music themed tour of Rome.

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You will begin your trip with a visit to Palazzo Barberini, which is home to the most important painting collections in Rome. The stunning performance of Baroque music including masterpieces by Marenzio, Monteverdi, Ortiz, and Rossi is guaranteed to provide you with the utmost level of satisfaction.

Talk to the Pope

talk to the popeThis off the beaten track tour offers a Papal Audience. Reservations are mandatory in order to attend this exclusive event.

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Though the tickets are free, it is better to book in advance and purchase a professional tour during which you will learn lots of interesting things related to Rome’s past and you will sightsee many of the city’s landmarks.

The venue of the Papal audience is decided according to weather conditions and the number of visitors. The most common places for this meeting are St Peter’s Square, St Peter’s Basilica or the Audience Hall.

Go to a football game

Stadio Olimpico RomeStadio Olimpico Reviews

Attending a football game with one of the Eternal City’s star teams (AS Roma or SS Lazio) on Stadio Olimpico is a must for any fan of the king of sports.

Even if you don’t belong to this category the lively atmosphere of such a football match can be a real fun. No matter which of the teams you choose to see playing, you can choose between three types of packages.

If you are in Rome anyway, you can purchase only the entry ticket, or you can add a meal. If you decide to travel to Rome especially to see a football game, you can also include your hotel stay in the package so that you get a better deal.

Explore Rome’s catacombs

Rome CatacombsDiscovering the unusual beauty of Rome’s ancient tunnels and catacombs is one of the off the beaten path things to do in the Eternal City. Several options are available if you want to explore Rome’s catacombs.

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After an amazing drive along the pastoral Appian Way, the 3-hour tour will present you a different side of ancient Rome. You will discover the Roman Empire’s technological advances while strolling under aqueducts arches. You will find out fascinating facts about the Romans’ lives while admiring the mural drawings inside burial chambers or the layers of the Tufa rock. On your way, you will enjoy the exterior of the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella – a landmark whose history goes 2000 years back. The 6-hour tour takes you to Trajan’s and Caracalla’s Thermal Baths and includes a biking adventure in the Roman countryside.

Meet Rome’s Ghosts

rome by nightAnother thing to do in Rome if you want to step off the beaten path is to experience the fun and fear of the dark heart of Rome on a night-time Ghost and Mystery Walking Tour.

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You will get to witness the scary side of the ancient city in the absence of sunlight and to learn a whole range of mysterious historical facts, myths and legends that will certainly incite your imagination.

This unique nocturnal walk, through the ghostly and curious sites of the city, will reveal all the secrets of the Eternal City and its ghostly tales. You can afterwards leave the Italian capital knowing you have discovered its innermost side