Romantic Things to Do in Prague

Europe is a vast and beautiful continent with more than a few romantic destinations. France, Italy, and Spain dominate with their gorgeous countryside venues and fabulous food. The UK is dotted with romantic, dusty castles and accents that seem to make everybody melt. So, the Czech Republic doesn’t exactly spring to mind when you think romantic getaway, but in fact Prague is prime real estate for paramours. It has all the necessary ingredients for the perfect trip whether you’re new lovers, honeymooning, or a well-seasoned couple looking for a little bit of fun. Here are just a few suggestions of romantic things to do in Prague.

Have a stroll or picnic in Prague’s beautiful gardens

garden in PraguePrague has been influenced by a number of architectural movements, but the buildings aren’t the only things to have been touched by genius. Any one of their many famous gardens will make your lover swoon, but the Vrtba Garden in particular is one of the most famous and most beautifully arranged gardens in the city. A picnic among the lush flowers and bushes might just be the cutest and best way to spend an afternoon and one of the most romantic things to do in Prague. A popular wedding destination, the Vrbta Garden is not the largest, but is certainly the most ornate, taking much influence and inspiration from the Baroque movement, which is known for being absolutely decadent and ostentatious. The Vrbta Garden has water features, artwork in the form of frescoes, and some say the most beautiful view of the St. Nicholas Cathedral, which is yet another popular attraction of this beautiful city.

If you’re not so much a garden person but you’re looking to experience the great outdoors, Prague has many beautiful parks to choose from, featuring gazebos, pubs, and other beautifully built bastions of the civilisation tucked neatly away amongst the greens — many of them often playing host to wedding ceremonies due to their natural beauty. Vinicni Altan is an excellent choice, serving as more than just a park and offering itself as a venue complete with vinyards and wine tastings. To be sure, though green and pretty, few parks can call themselves classy. Vinicni Altan manages to be beautiful, romantic, and completely adult. It also offers an amazing view of the city and makes for the perfect twilight date.

A river ride for two – or more!

boat restaurant in PragueA beautiful moonlit canal, the wonderful night air, aromas of food and wine, and a canopy of stars: it doesn’t get much better than that. Prague boat cruises offer a range of packages for sight-seers and romance seekers, and all of them involve the city’s historic waterways and scenic views. It’s not only an amazing way to see the city, but it can be just the escape you need as a couple. For an extra bit of romance, try the smaller mahogany cruises. The boats are small, but luxurious and offer a bit more privacy to those looking to have a romantic trip to Prague along with a little bit of privacy.

And while a private boat is a great escape, some couples just thrive in social situations and Prague has definitely got them covered too. Water and nightlife come together in any number of Prague’s river cruises. You can experience the city with other young lovers and share your hopes and dreams as you take in the sights and watch the sun set on the river with your sweetheart in your arms. It’s the perfect and one of the most romantic things to do Prague!

Prague Cruises for Ultimate Romance

Prague’s Little Venice: Sightseeing Canal Cruise
Sightseeing Canal Cruise
See Prague from a fascinating new perspective on this 45-minute cruise around the city’s picturesque ‘Little Venice’ area.

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Prague Buffet Dinner Cruise on Vltava River
Dinner Cruise on Vltava River
Experience the beauty of Prague by night during this 3-hour evening cruise with dinner, while sliding along the Vltava River and admiring the sights.

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Prague Vltava River Afternoon Tea Cruise

Sample cake and sip a coffee or tea as you take in the beauty of many exquisite historic monuments during your afternoon romantic cruise in Prague.

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Historic Prague Lunch Cruise on Vltava River

Enjoy a 2-hour lunch cruise through the historic Prague on Vltava River to get a new perspective over the city, sightseeing it from the water.

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Live the eternal Valentine’s Day

Charles Bridge seen from the waterEverybody knows that Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers, but few actually know where the holiday originates. Far from being the red and pink chocolate feast we all know and love, the holiday actually comes from St. Valentine of Terni who was the patron saint of youth and happy marriage. In Prague, couples can take part in the Valentine’s Day pilgrimage each year, which is hosted in honor of the saint and his relics which were rediscovered in 2003. Whether you’re religious or not, the ceremony differs greatly from the commercialized holiday popular in the West and offers couples with a spiritual side a way to celebrate their love and show their respect to the man who gave his life fighting for the sanctity of marriage.

Immerse yourself in Prague’s culture and atmosphere

Prague is a unique city, in that it’s incredibly old and diverse. It has many religious influences as well as a strong religious culture, which has given rise to a new an interesting tradition that’s perfect for couples looking to really immerse themselves in the culture.

Prague History and Bohemian Culture Tour

Delve into Prague’s rich Bohemian history and culture on this enlightening 4-hour walking tour.

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Art Nouveau and Cubist Architecture Walking Tour

Learn about Prague after 1900 on a 3-hour Art Nouveau and Cubist Architecture walking tour.

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Traditional Czech Meal and Cooking Class

Spend a day in Prague doing something more authentic and meet a friendly local chef.

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Stories of Jewish Prague Walking Tour

Hear many stories and visit the five remaining synagogues, the Old Jewish Cemetery & Town Hall.

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Walk, drive or ride around the city

horse driven carriage pragueIf that’s a little too official, a walking tour of the city can also provide a romantic escape. Try a planned tour or simply get lost between the old and the new, taking in the different styles of architecture. The city has a little bit of everything on offer, from Baroque to contemporary, and always interesting. You’ll never have guessed just how diverse a city it really is. Prague has the perfect mix of style, class, and old world flavor to create that utterly romantic contemporary vibe that just oozes romance.

And if you don’t feel like walking, why not hire a vintage car for a driving tour of the city? The tours are quite popular and you can even get tips from your chauffeur on all the best places to go. It might be a little touristy, but it’s hard to ignore the allure of a gorgeous old car and it certainly is a unique way to spend a romantic day Prague.

Not a vintage cars fan? How about admiring the architectural gems alongside the streets of the Czech capital city from a horse-driven carriage? Is it one of the most romantic things to do in Prague?

Remember Night was Made for Lovers

Prague at nightFinally, Prague has a vast and eclectic nightlife, full of venues, events, and destinations that cater to every sensibility. For a calm, understated evening, take in an opera or a symphony at the National Theatre. For a bit of adventure, seek out an underground music club.

Having a romantic trip to Prague doesn’t have to be overly adult though. For a sensible evening or even the beginning of a wild night, Prague plays host to numerous wine bars where you can have a nip with your honey without feeling pressured to get too wild but still let loose. Monarch is an incredibly well-regarded wine bar and offers a laid-back atmosphere with delectable morsels in the form of tapas, and an impressive wine list. It really is the perfect dinner date to kick off your trip and the perfect way to start any story about that romantic trip to Prague.

Prague Night Tours

Private Prague Castle Tour By Night
See Prague’s top attraction all lit up at night with a local private guide & after the crowds are gone.

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Guided Night Bike Ride in Prague
By booking this tour, you will enjoy an evening ride & discover the mysterious sides of Prague.

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Prague by Night Walking Tour & Cruise
End a day in Prague on a high note with this evening walking tour and Vltava River cruise!

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Vltava River Evening Cruise Including Dinner

Enjoy a fascinated evening by Prague’s history and atmosphere and spend an enjoyable evening!

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Prague is a beautiful city and it really was made for lovers. Being at the heart of Bohemia, there is no shortage of art, food, or drink, and with such a cosmopolitan populace, there is always something new to discover. So, next time you plan a romantic trip, don’t forget about Prague!


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