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One of Europe’s top travel destinations, Rome offers its visitors a full range of accommodation services – from the simple hostel rooms with shared bathrooms to luxury holiday apartments, vacation villas and hotel suites.

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Italian food is raved about all over the world. What a better thing to do while in Rome if not sample the Italian cuisine? Indeed, but where? Which are the best places to eat in Rome?

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Planning to explore the fascinating city of Rome? Book your tour in advance and get straight to business! You can choose from a variety of themed city tours. It’s up to you if you want to do it on food, while riding a bike, while gliding on a segway or in an electric car. If you want to get a view of the city from a bird’s eye level, go up of a balloon or helicopter!
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Top Sights and Attractions

Historical legacy, artistic grandeur, human ingenuity, culinary delights, the famous la dolce vita… there are so many reasons to visit Rome. Want to plan your trip and make the most of your time in the Italian capital city? Here you can find out which are the top sights and attractions Rome has to offer.

Trevi FountainMust-See Landmarks in Rome

Rome is the center of Christendom, but also a modern city that offers so many things to do to those who decide to visit it: impressive historical sites to discover, good food, fun activities and much more.

A magnificent sight, and a place charged with history, the Colloseum is a must see and certainly Rome’s top attractions. Next come the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. A sight to behold, Piazza Navona is a whole experience by itself.

The Roman ColosseumThe Coliseum: The Jewel Of The Flavian Dynasty

An elliptical amphitheater located right in the heart of the city, the Coliseum is a compelling sight and should top anyone’s list of attractions to visit in Rome. A still standing witness of the Roman Empire’s glory and awe, the Colosseum is an entire experience.

Try to recreate in your mind the atmosphere of Ancient Rome while stepping on its stands. There are four main areas to view and all have their own little piece of history and charm to be discovered.

StadioThe Palatino

Rome’s seven hills offer numerous belvedere spots for those in love with panoramic views. One of them is the Palatino (the Palatine Hill) – the place where, according to legend is where Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome were miraculously saved by a wolf.

The Palatino is a sight worth visiting if you want to stand where it all began, to admire sweeping views over the city and relive Ancient Rome’s history.

Roman ForumThe Forum: The Heart Of Rome

Touring the Roman Forum’s ruins means walking in the footsteps of great historical figures and reliving triumphal days such as the Julius Caesar’s and Pompey’s marches up Via Sacra – the heart of the Forum.

A place now flooded with tourists and one of Rome’s top attractions, the Roman Forum used to be a bustling downtown marketplace and he heart of the Roman Republic.

La Fontana delle TartarugheOff The Beaten Path Landmarks In Rome

A city filled with historical landmarks, art galleries and beautiful churches, Rome has a good number of off the beaten path landmarks. While many of those who visit the Italian capital city tend to limit their list of Roman attractions to tour to the city’s top churches, museums and historical buildings, you should know there is much more to do and see in Rome than this.

You can tour Rome’s catacombs, get a view of the Vatican through a keyhole, take a liar detecting test in front of a church and even visit interesting cemeteries.

What to Do in Rome

Walking down the paths and alleys of Centro Storico, exploring Ancient Rome’s relics and catacombs trying to relive the Roman Empire’s grandeur, visiting the city’s museums, people watching on the Spanish Steps, gazing over a sea of rooftops from Castel San’Angelo, taking in the sweeping views from the Palatine Hill, and living the la dolce vita while sipping a cup of espresso in Piazza Navona count among the top things to do in Rome, whether you want to take the beaten path or step aside and explore the quirky sides of the Italian capital city.

rome by nightOff The Beaten Path Things To Do In Rome

One of the most beautiful places on Earth, Rome offers many things to do and see. Its must-see landmarks include the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and other still standing witnesses of Rome’s Imperial past.

However, there are certain off the beaten path things that you ought to indulge in for sure if you want to add a unique glitter to your holiday in Rome.