The World’s Top 10 Beach Destinations

Whether you are looking into a romantic beach getaway, into a family vacation, into a solitary escape or into a break with a group of friends, the moment when you get to sit down and pick your holiday destination is one of the blessings of this fast paced world. Heading for the right destination is crucial in order to make your summer vacation worth the time and money and to turn it into unforgettable and unique memories. If you have already decided that exotic sandy beaches are this year’s topic, here are the top ten countries you can pick as beach destinations for your next summer vacation:

1. Spain

Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Valencia offer great value for your money. You will find lots of budget deals for these popular destinations that provide loads of attractions: interesting museums and art galleries, world wide famous landmarks, fine dining options and lots of white-knuckle rides.

If combining the beach with some typically urban entertainment is your idea of a great vacation, you should try a city break in one of the Spanish cities located on the Mediterranean coast.

Spanish coastal resorts like Fuengirola, Marbella, Estepona, Torremolinos, Mijas, Benalmadena or Benidorm are widely appreciated due to their serene beaches and family-oriented entertainment. Another reason for Costa del Sol’s and Costa Blanca’s huge popularity is the wide availability of tasty and affordable food options.

The Spanish islands of Menorca, Majorca and Ibiza enjoy a reputation for hassle free family holiday fun. The secret of their success lies in its captivating scenery, beautiful sunny weather, and scrumptious local cuisine. Majorca’s main attractions include the amazing capital city of Palma and tranquil beaches of Alcudia. Ibiza is inviting with its unusually striking mix of beaches and a wide range of tempting offers filled with leisure fun and water sports.

Another area of Spain, off the mainland that constitutes a great beach destination all year round, the Canary Islands offer different faces and different types of fun for the sun-starved visitors. Each one of the islands offers a different streak: Fuerteventura appeals to families looking for a quiet getaway. Los Cristianos in Tenerife and Playa Blanca in Lanzarote are the popular family resorts.

 2. Thailand

Thailand Beach Koh LantaOffering a wide range of beach destinations located only an hour flight away from the capital, Thailand is one of the most exotic choices when it comes to a beach vacation.

While the beaches of Phuket continue to be the most popular attractions of this fascinating Southeast Asian country, there are other lesser-known holiday venues like Krabi or Trang that you should take into consideration.

The superb In Nang beach in Krabi is also easily accessible from Phuket and the charming coast of Trang can be reached by train from Bangkok. Koh Samui, the third largest island in the country located in the province of Surat Thaniest is within reach from the capital city. It is home to many splendid beaches, savage islands and the scenic marine park of Mu Koh Ang Thong.


3. Malaysia

Manukan Island Sabah, Malaysia.A trip to Malaysia is like a dream incursion into a fantasy world: secluded tropical beaches, jungle exploration, pristine islands and a lot of cultural aspects to discover.

The province of Sabah is a cultural destination as well as exotic venue for a beach holiday.

The paradise shores of Langkawi are another option Malaysia offers to all those willing to discover its beautiful nature and enjoy the sun.




4. Florida, US

Also known as the Sunshine State is a dream destination not only for Mickey Mouse lovers. It is true that lively attractions like the Universal Studios, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and Sea World make Orlando a top destination for those who are traveling with kids.

However, this American state is also famous for its sandy beaches, located in the close proximity of bustling cities such as Miami.

If you are looking for a budget option, you should consider the charming town of Destin, especially if you don’t have to plan your beach escape during the high season.

Sanibel Island is the ideal spot for those looking for some quietness. Here you will find Bowman’s Beach – the place to go for all shell collectors. West Palm and Miami Beach need no introduction as luxury destinations, for those who want to hunt some stars.

5. Mexico

Benefiting from a huge coastline that stretches on over 10.000 km, Mexico offers a wide diversity of beaches to the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Cortez, the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean Sea.The Mexican shores are very different from the European beaches. The Caribbean provides serene and beautiful beaches and amazingly warm water.

Tranquil beach in MexicoTop of everyone’s list when it comes to choosing a beach destination in Mexico is Cancun with its superb Playa Langosta, Playa Caracol and Playa Tortugas. They are the perfect choice if you are accompanied by young kids as the waters are not too deeper.

Other beaches you should not miss on the Caribbean side of Mexico are situated on Isla Mujeres. If you want to explore more beautiful Mexican beaches, you should also try the Pacific side. With mild temperatures throughout the year, they are pleasant venues for a stroll. On some of the beaches, you will have the opportunity to see dolphins, turtles, orcas, whales, and other marine species.

Besides, if you dream of swimming with dolphins, or to get very close, negotiate a boat trip with a local fisherman rather than visiting a waterpark. If you want to run away from the crowd and discover still unexplored places, Manzanillo welcomes you with open arms. Small boat trips are available to those who want to contemplate the coral reefs. When coming back to the shore, remember to taste some of the delicious Mexican seafood dishes.

6. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers eye-catching, palm-lined beaches as well as plenty of affordable options for fun and great cuisine.

Sight-seeing options include tea plantations, mystical temples and mementos including textiles and hand carvings that are reasonably priced.







7. Portugal

Portugal’s Algarve region is a treat for fun and frolic. Its gigantic beaches, cordial and family focused resorts and consistent sun shine are very warm and welcoming for all.

People with the love of sports will specially enjoy the whole array of sports activities on offer such as: golf, water sports, and horse riding and luxury spas for the after sports relief.






8. Greece

Stunning beaches and azure blue seas are a signature of Greek islands. There is a little something for everybody in these islands.

The islands that are the hub of thrill and excitement are Corfu, Crete, Kos and Rhodes. They offer a whole lot of bounty to see and experience.

The quieter islands like Zante and Kefalonia provide a beautiful background for more serenity, which makes them perfectly suitable for a romantic beach escape.





9. France

France offers fun for all ages whether it is enchanting and historically rich city tours, stunning landscape or the classy and amazing French cuisine, France is the place that can never be a wrong choice for anyone, who is looking for wholesome and eclectic fun.

People of all ages will love the boat trips in the exotic island of St Tropez, not to mention the possibility to bump into your favorite star.

Another magical place to explore is Nice, where you can also enjoy the scenery from the world wide famous Englishmen Promenade.

While on the French Riviera, head to Cassis, near Marseille, where you can admire the reddish profile of the creeks reflected into the turquoise Mediterranean waters. Another experience to try is catching some waves in Biarritz.

10. Montenegro

Although it has a wide coastline on the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro does not have an important port due to a very rugged coastline.

However, in terms of beaches, the country does not have to blush over its neighbor – Croatia, a leader of beach tourism in this part of Europe.

The landscape provided by the wooden mountains ending right into the sea and the charm of the small fishing villages will certainly seduce you.