Things to Do in Barcelona

With so many things to do, Barcelona is the perfect choice for a city break. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, 160 km from the Pyrenees, Catalonia’s capital is the 2nd largest city and one of the most important cultural centers in Spain. With increasing air traffic, it has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for those who want to combine entertainment with cultural activities.

Have a walk in the Old Town!

Indeed, this modern and dynamic urban conglomerate satisfies the most varied tastes and the most sophisticated desires. Attractive beaches, world class museums, flamenco, many shopping opportunities, lots of things to do, a vibrant nightlife, perfectly preserved Gothic architecture, open air Art Nouveau expositions, and football are just a few reasons to visit Barcelona, the city of the famous Picasso and Ghaudi.

Barrio GoticoRead the complete Barcelona travel guide here!

A good starting point to discover this city is the complex and eclectic old town (La Ciutat Vella) and the Gothic Quarter (Barrio Gotico) – Barcelona’s medieval core. Along the winding streets of the city’s Old Quarter, you will find many of Barelona’s landmarks, among which the historic buildings surrounding Plaça del Rei.

Built in the mid 19th century by Francesc Daniel Molina, this Italian-style market is surrounded by tall palm trees and decorated with iron lamps, while its heart is held by the Fountain of Three Graces. Having a walk along Barrio Gotico’s streets is one of the most interesting things to do in Barcelona.

Located in the close proximity of Barcelona’s historic center, Parc de la Ciutadella is the perfect spot for a fun family day. While the adults will appreciate the sightseeing opportunities this 19th century garden offers, there are plenty of things to do for the little ones as well.

Get up in the morning and join the Gothic Quarter Walking Tour leaving from the Turisme de Barcelona Information office every morning at 9:30. A professional English speaking guide will offer you plenty of insight information about Barcelona’s landmarks, the area’s past, the best dining and shopping spots in the neighborhood as well as about the less known, yet very interesting things to do in the city.

Take a sample of the whole country in Pueblo Espanol!

Pueblo EspanolIf you want to have a sample of all the Spanish regions, go to Pueblo Espanol (Spanish Village).

Built in 1929 on the occasion of the International Exposition in Barcelona, this is one of the most important landmarks in Barcelona as it contains all the Spanish architectural styles represented through 117 buildings, streets and squares.

It is indeed a guide to the whole Spain. Immersing yourself in this cultural experience is another must among the many things to do in Barcelona.

You will certainly enjoy the romantic atmosphere pervading on the quaint streets of Pueblo Espanol.


Shop in La Boqueria!

La BoqueriaIn the city center you can also find some of the most famous landmarks in Barcelona such as El Liceu opera, the spectacular food market La Boqueria and a lot of pedestrian squares such as Placa Real with its colonnades and palm springs.

Even if you don’t need to buy food, La Boqueria is a compulsory stop during your Barcelona city break.

Walking down the market is a way of getting to know this Spanish city better and understanding the local culture.




Enjoy the landscape!

Barcelona viewFor spectacular views of the city and of the coastline there are two hills:

– Montjuic, near the port;

– Tibidabo, more than 500 meters high where there is also a small amusement park.

Anywhere you turn, the landscape is breathtaking. You cannot miss that while in the city! Bring your camera and shoot some pictures!

Soaking up the city’s atmosphere and admiring the varied sights it offers is one of the best, not to mention free of charge things to do in Barcelona.



Indulge yourself with the grandiose Art Nouveau spirit in Eixample!

Architecture lovers, but also those who are less interested in this field will be fascinated by Barcelona’s Art Nouveau landmarks they can admire in Eixample district, located in the North of the city.

park guellThere you can admire the famous Antoni Ghaudi’s creation results as well as those of other modernist architects such as Lluis Domenech i Montaner and Josep Puig i and Cadafalch. Take the opportunity to discover one of the craziest architectural projects while strolling the Catalan mosaic adorned alleys during a Park Guell Walking Tour.

When speaking about things to do in Barcelona, the Art Nouveau architectural monument is not to be missed. Gaudi’s life project, the Sagrada Familia is Barcelona’s most famous and the most visited landmark. Located in the Eixample district, this magnificent cathedral with its amazing towers and indescribable ornaments overlooks the city. If George Orwell called it the ugliest building he had ever seen, most visitors are impressed by the eclectic architectural style and by the abundance of decorative elements.

After more than a century of work the Sagrada Familia is still unfinished. Despite the perpetual construction works, about three million visitors flock here each year – an enthusiasm at the height of Gaudi’s genius.Don’t forget that Gaudi’s monstrous and still unfinished cathedral is the most crowded landmark in Barcelona. Buy your Sagrada Familia Tickets in advance and you can skip the line and go straight to the tour.

Walk down the street that never sleeps!

Las RamblasThe street that the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca wanted infinite – La Rambla – starts in Plaza Catalunya, cuts the old town and ends at Columbus monument – the most imposing monument at Port Vell, where you can also visit the largest aquarium in the Mediterranean basin.

Las Ramblas is actually a collection of five streets :Rambla Canaletes, Estudis, Sant Josep, Caputxins and Santa Monica.

You will find here a colorful bazaar where bargain hunters can buy everything from canaries, rabbits, exotic fish and flowers to books, jewelry, clothing and cigarettes.

Tourists in search of eccentricities can enjoy here the local artists’ performances, order a pencil portrait or have a fortune teller forecast their future.

Visit the home of the champions!

Camp Nou StadiumInhabited by people of multiple origins and nationalities, Barcelona is a vibrant urban center full of surprises, a cosmopolitan city whose residents contribute to the holiday atmosphere.

Famous for its music and for the variety of cultural events, Barcelona is also popular city break choice with football fans.

Camp Nou Stadium is a magnet not only for FC Barcelona’s fans, but also worldwide.

Book your FC Barcelona Football Stadium Tour before you get to Barcelona so that you don’t waste precious time waiting in the line to buy tickets.


Have fun!

Aventura ParkAfter so many cultural experiences, it’s time for some entertainment. Catalonia’s capital is not only about historical landmarks and architecture. There are so many fun things to do in Barcelona that you simply don’t know what to choose.

Located an hour’s drive away from Barcelona, Aventura amusement park is one of the most spectacular theme parks in the world.

Spread over 100 hectares, it will let you discover here the mysteries of Imperial China, you will win the respect of the Wild West, you will explore the Polynesian jungle, you will discover the Aztec civilization and experience moments of Mediterranean civilizations.

With numerous amusement rides and attractions of the most diverse, such a trip will be unforgettable, especially for kids.