Top Restaurants in Tallinn

Tallinn, like any European capital, has a fantastic selection of restaurants. Situated on the northern cost of Estonia, Tallinn offers a wide variety of cuisine, from the fresh seafood caught from the Baltic Sea to delicious local meats like wild boar.

Beyond the restaurants that offer traditional Estonian dishes, you will also find a number of contemporary restaurants that take inspiration from cuisines from around the word, from Asian to Mediterranean.Tallinn City Card

Here’s a look at some of the top restaurants in Tallinn:


chediChedi Restaurant Reviews 

Chedi offers a taste of modern Asian cuisine and has been the recipient of the Best Restaurant of Tallinn Award in 2011.

A contemporary restaurant in its style and its menu, Chedi’s menu has been carefully crafted to include the best produce and ingredients used in modern Asian cuisine.

The quality speaks for itself, with particular highlights including the various seafood dishes, along with rich, succulent meats such as venison.


horisontHorisont Restaurant Reviews 

A five-star restaurant that sits atop the Swissotel in Tallinn, Horisont provides diners with a breath-taking view of the city’s Old Town and the Baltic Sea.

Not only is the view incredible, but the food is too, with a number of delightful dishes that take inspiration from regional specialties as well as making use of produce that is sourced locally.

Dishes such as the beef fillet with truffles and edamame show the creative flair of Horisont’s kitchen, while the buttered gnocchi served with apricot and red win jam offers a taste of Estonian cuisine with a gourmet interpretation.

Von Krahli Aed

von-krahli-aedVon Krahli Aed Restaurant Reviews 

Why not take in some rich cultural experiences as you dine in a quality restaurant? That’s exactly what patrons can expect when entering Voh Krahl, as the establishment offers a blend of music and theatre to go alongside your dining experience.

A vintage interior provides a charming ambience, where antique furnishings contrast with minimalist décor.

There are some great vegetarian options here alongside the meat dishes, all of which are traditionally Estonian but with a modern twist, like roasted rainbow carrots with split pea creme and kale pesto – a pan fried trout is available for the non-vegetarian option.

Trattoria La Bottega

Trattoria La Bottegat Reviews 

Every city in the world is home to at least one great Italian restaurant, and Trattoria La Bottega can certainly make the claim as Tallinn’s.

This award-winning restaurant is known for its fine wine and cuisine, most of which is Italian based but with an Estonia twist.

Take the seafood options that use locally sourced produce, such as the fried sardine fillets with orange, red onion and arugula – it’s certainly Italian but with a strong Estonian influence!


mekkMEKK Restaurant Reviews 

A newer addition to Tallinn, MEKK is very much a modern restaurant that pays homage to classic Estonian cuisine.

For instance, all produce has been purposefully sourced from Estonian farms which helps to give those modern dishes that traditional feel

The wild boar, sauerkraut and lingonberry mousse is a prime example of this, as too are dishes such as the roasted venison with sautéed hazelnuts and celery cream – both showcase a quintessential Estonian meal that has be envisioned for a contemporary restaurant.

Images courtesy of TripAdvisor