Top Restaurants on Vis Island

Vis Island is a small Croatian island that has quietly emerged as one of the finest tourist destinations in the entire country. Perfect beaches, warm and sunny weather, charm towns with warm and welcoming locals has all helped Vis Island become the perfect location for a getaway. It has even gained a reputation for producing some of the finest cuisine you will likely enjoy in Croatia, thanks in no part to the wonderful selection of fresh seafood and incredible locally made wine that make visiting any one of the restaurants on the island a pleasure.

Here’s our pick of the bunch:


Rokis Roki’s Restaurant Reviews

Situated at the heart of the island, Roki’s is surrounded by vineyards that create a truly beautiful location to sit down and enjoy a bite to eat – and of course make the most of the fantastic local wine!

But the biggest attraction for Roki’s is their peka. This is a traditional Croatian meal that involves slow-cooking a selection of ingredients (meats combined with things like fresh vegetables and rice) in a dish by surrounding them with hot coals, before leaving them for several hours to cook.

Obviously you will need to book this in advance, but peka is perfect for sitting around and sharing with friends over a few glasses of wine whilst taking in the perfect scenic beauty surrounding Roki’s.


Pojoda Restaurant Reviews

A great spot to get a taste all of the best seafood offerings, Pojoda is a delightful little restaurant that embodies the friendly and inviting spirit of the island and the locals. Freshly grilled seafood is certainly the biggest attraction of Pojoda, whether you want to try something exotic such as Skarpina or a safer bet such as the delicious scampi.

Various other Mediterranean dishes can be enjoyed too if you aren’t a fan of seafood, and the outdoor garden area is a stunning place to sit and enjoy a meal with a few glasses of wine.

Karijola Pizzeria

Karijola PizzeriaKarijola Pizzeria Reviews

No matter where you are in the world, sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like some local pizza.

Karijola Pizzeria is certainly the place to go for that on Vis, and with a view overlooking a quaint little harbour, there isn’t much better places to sit back with a beer and a few slices of pizza!

The pizzas are made to a very high standard, using nothing but fresh, high quality ingredients. Using a wood-fire technique, the pizzas come with a mouth-watering crispy base and there are countless options when it comes to picking your favourite toppings.


Kantun Restaurant Reviews

Kantun has a reputation as being one of the most highly regarded restaurants on the island and one that is adored by locals and tourists alike. It isn’t the biggest of settings, but it makes up for it in a delightful ambience and the exquisite cuisine.

Fish and seafood is the main focus here, and you will need to mention your desire to order any seafood as soon as you enter as it can sell out fast due to using only the freshest produce.

Amberjack and the grilled squid are just a few of the delicious seafood dishes, and are perfectly complimented by the amazing wine selection.

Lola Konoba and Bar

Lola Konoba and Bar Reviews

This restaurant is a great spot to head for trying some more varied European dishes, with inspiration taken from a number of Mediterranean counties such as Spain.

The garden area is great for eating and drinking outside, especially with a gorgeous ocean view.

The menu offers a fine selection of dishes that stray from the traditional Croatian fare, with modern offerings such as burgers, steaks, salads, and pastas available, alongside a rich choice of fresh and locally sourced seafood.

Gostiona Vis

GostionaGostina Vis Restaurant Reviews

With a number of local boats and yachts moored just a stone’s throw away from the restaurant, Gostina Vis is a great family-friendly restaurant that offers all of the charm and beauty of the island inside one restaurant!

The cuisine is simple enough and great for those days you want something that is easy to enjoy, and the menu here offers a taste of some of the great local offerings, which are mainly based around seafood (it is an island known for its fisheries after all!) and risottos thanks to the rather close proximity to Italy.


Konoba Stoncica

Konoba Stoncica Restaurant Reviews

Now there plenty of choices when it comes to finding a restaurant in Vis that provides delicious grilled fish, but Konoba Stoncica is arguably the best out there due to the fact it is located right on the beachfront!

That means some of the freshest fish possible can be enjoyed after spending a few hours at the stunning sandy beach, although there are plenty of other succulent meats that taste heavenly thanks to the coal grill used.

It’s ideal for a lunchtime meal and you really have to try their famous potatoes – they carry quite the reputation throughout the island!

Konoba Senko Karuza

Couple enjoying breakfast in resort Konoba Senko Karuza Restaurant Reviews

Found in a picturesque bay in the southern region of the island, owner Senko Karuza believes in taking the right time to prepare and cook a meal, which is why the slow-dining experience offered at this restaurant is well-worth trying out.

Enjoy starters of delicious local cheeses, olives, and meats whilst Senko himself entertains you like a true host. The idea is to take the time to relax has all of the food is freshly prepared each day, right down to catching the fish!

You can head out for a swim in the breath-taking bay that the restaurant overlooks, and Senko actually encourages you to enjoy the time spent between each meal. Meals are most based on grilled fish, with soups and stews available too, all served with freshly baked bread.