Top Vis Island Beaches

Looking for the best Vis Island beaches? Search no more! Vis is a small Croatian island in the Adriatic sea, with a mild Mediterranean climate. The long sunny summer days and the multitude of hidden beaches make this beautiful and unspoiled island the perfect vacation getaway. Beaches on this island, are clean, with shimmering pristine waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling. With so many different beaches to choose from, vacationers and tourists won’t have any trouble finding a strip of sand on which to sunbathe and swim. Here is a look at a few of the beautiful beaches that visitors to this island can enjoy.

Prirovo Town Beach

PrirovoPrirovo Town Beach is located on the Prirovo peninsula and extends over 100 meters. The beach itself is made up of fine pebbles and smooth round stones.

The water at this Vis Island beach is a lovely bluish green and exceptionally clear, making it a delight for people wishing to cool off the summer heat. There is also plenty of shade on this beach from the Tarmarix.

If you are one of those vacationers looking to spend the entire day at the beach, you might be pleased to find out that this beach offers both beach volley ball and Futsal courts. There is also catering close by, should you get hungry and forget to pack a picnic lunch.

Punta Biskupa Beach

Punta Biskupa BeachFor those of you are who are naturists you will be pleased to know that Punta Biskupa is a naturist Vis Island beach where nude sunbathers are welcome.

This rocky beach stretches itself from the bay of Stonac to Island Host, in the Northern side of the St. George harbor.

But, especially if sunbathing nude is your thing, you may want to stay close to the beginning of the beach as this is the only area that offers shade. Access to this beach is gained by a asphalt road.

Vela Svitnja Beach

Vela Svitnja BeachAnother nudist beach on Vis is Vela Svitnja beach located under the George fortress on the Western edge of St. George and has a few nicely secluded areas.

This natural sloping stone and pebble beach has little if any shade.

This makes the Vis Island beaches of Vela Svitnja more of a spot to sunbathe and swim for a couple of hours rather than a venue where to spend the entire day.

The water is a beautiful aqua blue and the beach is approachable by a foot path.
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Grandovac Beach

Grandovac BeachIf you are traveling with the entire family, then a visit to Grandovac Beach might be in order.

This pebble Vis Island beach is ideal for families with small children.

Benefiting from a great location, on Eastern side of the entrance to Vis Port, Grandovac beach has plenty of shade supplied by the tarmarix and pine trees.

It also includes, a nice sunbathing area built back in the 30s and has a small coffee bar where the family can get something to drink and a light snack.

Stoncica Beach

Stoncica BeachLocated on the Eastern side of the island, Stoncica beach stretches itself along the bay of small fishing village.

With its crystal sea and sandy bottom, this strip of sand is one of the most popular Vis Island beaches.

The beach is self is a 7 minute walk from the parking area and as well as swimming, beach goers can enjoy playing volley ball.

There is also a nice little restaurant and beach bar that serves traditional Vis cuisine.


Milna Beach

One of the sandiest Vis Island beaches, Milna is accessible via two roads – an old road going across Podstražje and a newer that crosses Stončica.

Situated close to private accommodation settlement of Milna town, this beach is ideal for families looking for a quiet place and a beach with shallow and calm waters.

Although the beach does not have a lot of facilities, you have the option of renting an umbrella and some chairs so that you spend a comfortable few hours on the sand.


Zaglav Beach

Zaglav is not only the best Vis Island beach, but also one of the finest strips of sand bathed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea.

To reach this beach you will have to walk for a quarter of an hour from Milna, but there is also a road that makes the beach accessible by car.

When the sun becomes too strong, you can find some shade and refreshments at the small restaurant nearby.

You should know, however, that Zaglav is not a beach for late afternoon tanning as by 5 PM the sun hides behind the rocks, leaving the beach covered in shade.


Vela Smokova Beach

Vela Smokova BeachVela Smokova is yet another natural Vis Island beach. Facing a beautiful bay, it is the perfect choice for landscape lovers as well as for those who want to try their hands at sailing.

While some beaches offer ship wrecks as tourist attractions, in the waters of Vela Smokova you can discover a plane wing dating from the Second World War. Bordered by pine trees, this beach is great also if you want to spend some time outdoors without having to cope with full sun.

Once you are done with the beach, you can do some sightseeing on this beautiful island. Read more about the best Vis Island landmarks here.